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Jim’s Daily Rant. Movie Review: Argentina 1985.

Saturday I watched the 2022 true event movie, Argentina 1985, on Prime. In the version on Prime English was spoken. It was an amazing story and pertains to what we are now going through and accounts for the long time delay

The true story deals with the crimes against humanity when their military took control of the country for seven years to prevent Socialism from dominating Argentina. In that process many horrible crimes were committed that were against their constitution. The military operated with impunity, not fearful of laws.

The Attorney General was asked to address crimes after a new government was elected. Because no experienced attorney wished to cross the business owners for fear of retribution, young inexperienced attorneys were used. They made world history by being the first country to hold a military Junta criminally accountable for their crimes.

This is probably why the U. S. military has been so cautious about just jumping into a junta themselves.

This past Sunday Libertarian candidate Javier Milei surprised everyone by winning the presidential election, making him the first non-Communist leader there in the past 50 years.

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