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Jim’s Daily Rant. More On “Are You Scared Yet?”

Two days ago I posted this Rant “Are You Scared Yet?” It was my response to someone sharing their thoughts of Juan O’Saven recently said that prompted the writer to feel that the Elites are winning the war.

I was never able to locate where that quotation of Juan came from but I did listen to half on this podcast from 2 days ago of Juan (his most recent). Juan O'Savin: Trump's Checkmate and What's on the Horizon

 I recapped the first half of it.


42 MM Government retirees organize to remove retirement for government workers that pushed the VAX.

60% of the people are awake.

John Kerry went to Antarctica during the election.

Many politicians go to South America and then slip off to Antarctica.

Yesterday Obama went to New Zealand. Was he headed to Antarctica.

74 MM Hillary asked “Is it time to play the Alien card?”

80 MM Alien action in Miami.

I also listened to the first five minutes of another one from 2 days ago, Juan O’ Savin and the INCOMING ALIEN CARD   In the first five minutes he discussed the idea that Biden will cause a halt in the upcoming election because he knows the Democrats will lose. This is part of the Patriot’s plan to let the people see how evil the CABAL is.

His mood was not at all that of a defeatist. He was still sticking to the Patriate plan. Therefore, I disagree with what MAX said in the original post several days ago.

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