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Jim’s Daily Rant. Miki Was Probably Tasked With Teaching Us The Paperwork That Has Been Served On The Government.

I got this feeling about a week ago and slowed down on posting about Miki Klann and her organization. After studying her website closer I noted she had no function organization or rush to get volunteers organized to serve their particular Sheriffs and governments.


After recent timelines put out by Clif High I was convinced that Mike has about run out of time so I felt the military has already served the entire country in all counties.

This is a 25 Minute podcast and begins at the 8 minute mark.

After my registering my group with Mike Klans group, two weeks ago, I was just today contacted by someone in Florida asking just very basic information. There appears to be no organization or planning behind this contact.

So to me, this is excellent news that things have greatly advanced in the shadows.

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