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Jim's Daily Rant. Miki Series - Current Status of the Republic.

This is a PDF on the website The Peoples Operation Restoration,

Before you begin reading it, know this:

1) I do not know the author or date published. I suspect it was written after Oct. 2023 however.

2) SOTH = Speaker of the House.

3) Kevin McCarthy became SOTH in Jan 2023 and was ousted by RINOS in Oct 2023. 4 The current SOTH is Mike Johnson.

4. The last Section is:

What's next?

• Stock Market Crash

• Joe Biden Impeachment

• Gold Standard Return

• Iraq IQD Exchange Rate

• The New Republic

Liberation & Justice Mike Johnson & Donald Trump are basically the same person.

Remember when D. Trump stated last month that we can take our country back before the primaries? 25+ States already have bills prepared to return to the gold standard.

We have nothing to worry about. Because everything is officially in writing. You heard it from Kevin McCarthy. You heard it from Mike Johnson. You heard if from Jan Halper You heard it from Donald Trump You heard it from the military.

What more confirmation do you need?

Do you know how many banks are closing due to the fact that they are not Basel 3 Compliant? These are the only banks where people have difficulty accessing their funds. Thanks to the Dodd Frank Act it basically made it legal for banks to confiscate your money without any explanation as to why your money is missing hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Which is why it is important to ask certain questions before you open any new account with any bank.

Are they Basel 3 Compliant?

Are they ISO-20022 Compliant?

Are they Protocol 20 Compliant?

Stay tuned for more.

See Full Article PDF Below:

Status Of Republic
Download DOCX • 219KB

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