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Jim’s Daily Rant. Miki Klann explains in her own words how we can form local Private Member Associations and take our country back. [Recapped - Absolute Must See]

Updated: Apr 7

This is how to stop the VAXs, mask mandates, clear your land titles, reclaim your State Republics, etc. The PMA cannot be sued. Only a handful of members needed to take action.


20 MM She led attack to stop School Board Mask Mandates in 2021.

They did FOIA requests around the country on government surety bonds. They found most states had one general Surety Bond for the entire state. However, those bonds were payable only to corporations, not the people. Therefore, they never complied with their State Constitutions bond requirements.

No bonds ever paid out.Officers ran out of meetings; They didn’t know they were personally liable in leu of the bonds. They all returned and reversed the mask mandates within 7 days as demanded.

Later states reversed then Biden reversed the mask mandates.

They didn’t want the masses to know the corporations had usurped the governments as foreign actors.

Now all that needs to be done is present a Warning Notice (Yellow Card) submitted by two persons to force them on illegal matters.

24 MM The employee minions are left out holding the liabilities, not the corporations.

26 MM She explains how the corporations usurped our governments.

President Lincoln found out corporations were taking over. So he wrapped all 35 states into a trust under the care of the Military as the seats were all empty.

35 MM Emancipation Proclamation enslaved all of us.

In 1933 the Trading with Enemies Act made us foreigners.

In 1933 FDR made us debt slaves to the corporation.

35 MM What is a Republic.

36 MM The original Constitution is lower case; The corporation CONSTITUTION is in all caps.

Why they wanted to be corporations.

45 MM Discusses our birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.

50 MM All courts are Administrative Banks. Discuses Straw man being a corporation, different from a living man.

53 MM Discusses the different areas of law.

58 MM Affidavits vs Writs.

64 MM She suggests that Trump escapes lawsuits by demanding the courts first prove jurisdiction over his person. She then suggests that Trump is playing with the courts to show us how criminal they are.

Four Doors To Any Presentment: Acceptance, Conditional Acceptance, Argument & Ignorance.

72 MM “By the time we have served Notice of fraud to 10% of the courts and lawyers, their system will stop.”

73 MM What we served Maricopa County. 1) Notice of Liability / Opportunity to Cure (needs 12 signatures).

2a) Writ of Quo Warranto – Asking for their authority.

2b) Waiver of Tort. When they have to pay or default by.

3) Default Judgement / Notice to the Military.

Council of 12 Signatures.

82 MM Damages from govt workers can be collected.

The goal is to make them give us Informed Consent!

85 MM Other countries are joining in. This group’s launch date was March 15th, 2024. They currently have 315 groups and 1,822,000 members! They have training information and people to support members.

88 MM Forming a Social Compact (Private Member Association).


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