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Jim’s Daily Rant. Marshall University and The Veer.

For those who have seen the movie We Are Marshall will recall the Veer play strategy. It is a method by which each time the Quarterback takes the ball several play options are available to him as the scrimmage develops. He can run, pass or lateral to another runner, depending on what develops on the field.

I cannot say what will happen with the absent Speaker of the House. But I see a Veer plan unfolding. Trump has already been nominated for that position. If he is elected then he can move to eject Biden under the 25th Amendment as unfit to serve. If Harris is still in place she cannot legally take Biden’s place so it would then go to the Speaker of the House – Trump.

At the same time, if the vote takes too long and the Government has no real “elected” leadership, then the Military can step in with the approval of the citizens to calm the waters and cause an emergency election. Thus Trump again becomes President.

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