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Jim’s Daily Rant. Made In Dagenham.

Yesterday I took my personal victory lap for winning my 20 year struggle to help take down the Banksters and the CABAL. I see the end clearly now, more clear than I ever saw it. It is within arm’s reach today. This piece of the puzzle is a major milestone in a long plan.

I watched a movie in my collection, Made In Dagenham, which I use from time to time to motivate myself to stay the course. It is a true tale of women working in a Ford Motor plant in Dagenham, England in 1968 who went on strike for equal pay as men. Although equal pay was unheard of, they won it. It is a story in itself.

But that is not why I purchased it and watch it when I am slipping in maintaining my personal fight against the CABAL. I purchased it because of the last minute of the movie. The women won by negotiating their going back to work after closing the Ford plants. They won a guarantee from the government and Ford that within two years they would get equal pay as men. But in the meantime they got 92% of men’s pay rates until the National Equal Pay law was passed in England.

The credits at the end of the movie stated that the Equal Pay law was passed in 1970 as promised. It then went on to say that similar laws were quickly passed in all of the Western nations. This is what captivated me and motivates me in my personal battle.

From the moment I saw that one-line credit I knew what happened. The invisible elite controlling us needed to right their ship after losing control of those ladies in England. So they cashed in on their loss. They themselves made all other countries pass similar legislation to keep England competitive in that all competitors now had equal pay. But it goes on. Because of equal pay, women were soon working outside of the home; the West became a two wage earning family standard.

Two wage earners was a heyday for the Banksters and the economy to steal from by “inflation” and interest, both the debasing of the fiat currencies, which began in earnest at that time.

That is why I quietly took my victory lap to it. Today I will calmly take my second by watching Amazing Grace. If nothing else, watch this clip from its end. 3 Minute Video

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