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Jim’s Daily Rant. Last Great Act Of Defiance.

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Both Moody's and Standard and Poor rating agencies got caught with their hands in the till when exposed by The Big Short movie about their being on the take, partially causing the ‘08 collapse of the world’s economy.

But recently Moody's raised itself up from its deathbed enough to declare the U. S. Corporate government insolvent, then a few days later, declared the Western Central Banks also insolvent.

Yesterday morning we got this headline from Jeff:

China just cannot kill itself, so it appears.

Early this morning this headline appeared:

The death defying Moody’s once again mustered enough strength to publicly declare what we that follow the Alternative News already know – the entire world financial system & economy is dead.

This is probably Moody’s last great act of defiance! Thank you Moody's. In the end you are my Planetary Hero, Extraordinaire!

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