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Jim’s Daily Rant. Kosher Gun-Mart.

According to David Icke today, the people of Israel may be thinking their government supported and allowed the war in their back yard that started over the weekend.

Now they have been told that most government restrictions on private gun ownership have been lifted. This may foster the idea that the army may not be able to defend them. This may come as a shock that a great deal of their money was spent creating what they believe is the best defense system and trained army. Imagine their surprise.

Then picture the confusion of those trying to purchase guns and ammo for their family and realizing there is no product in Israel for them to purchase! They will have to order $5,000 from another country and have a label placed on the shipment from Smith & Wesson that says “Rush Order”.

Just before placing the order they figure out that it will now cost them $15,000 because two out of three shipments will get lost by the delivery driver in Israel.

I’ll bet about now that are smelling a rat that is forcing them to back their government in putting them intentionally in a war to be killed.

P. S. I wrote this before listening to David Icke Today. I am just now watching it. Today's Rant came from a dream.

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