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Jim’s Daily Rant. Those Knowing.

The worst thing that can happen to a person is to know what comes next. If you know you can’t tell anyone. It’s as if you are cursed with craziness because you see what’s not there yet and others understand you see what is coming. The two don’t match so normalcy wins the day.

I got very frustrated yesterday at a Prepper meeting because of the above. No one heard me. I’ll try it here.

We are now halfway through the collapse; all is lined up for the complete fall that cannot be prevented.

Stay on your Vitamin D3 (10,000 units per day) and Vitamin C (10,000 units per day). Focus on being happy, family, and the bright side. Get in the habit of meditating often.

Be prepared to support each other, especially those like you that understand what is happening.

I took a Water Life Saving class and was taught not to get in front of a drowning person because they will grab you and push you under so they can rise above you. So too with drowning Normies. They will pull you into their depression. Be creating a support group now with those around you in the knowing because 911 and the suicide Hot Line may not be working.

Now is the time to begin looking beyond the problem.

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