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Jim’s Daily Rant. Justice Is Served Sometimes In Unusual Ways.

Updated: Jan 13

Thirty years ago I read of a 12 year old girl that was violently raped by a young perpetrator, who was arrested. A few days later the girl’s father was able to meet the gentleman in the jail’s holding tank with a gun on him. He fired twice leaving the man a paraplegic and blind in both eyes.

The State Attorney negotiated a deal between both men to drop all charges and future civil action against each other. Upon acceptance of the deal, the rapist was rolled out to the street curb and abandoned there.


For those that have seen the recent movie Burial (on Prime) should recall this situation. A white lead attorney was disgraced for bigotry in front of a mostly black jury. The following day he quit the plaintiff’s team because he would never get the ears of those jurors.

In the present situation of the 17 persons charged with racketeering along with Trump, they will have all charges dropped. With both Democrats and Republicans pissed at the lovebirds, and seeing the Get Trump At Any Cost tactics by the government, Georgia cannot proceed against them. The State can’t even proceed with a new DA and Prosecuting team as the cat is out of the bag.

Strange poetic justice, ain’t it?

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