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Jim’s Daily Rant. July 4th, Bastille Day, All Church Bells Ringing and Alan Alda’s old Boots.

I saw a TV special celebrating 20 years after the last episode of MASH. Alan Alda was asked his biggest memory of that period. He thought long then said “My Boots. Once I put them on, I was Hawkeye until I took them off. Everything I said and did , even not on camera, I did as Hawkeye- I remained in character.“

It is time we all put our old boots on and get into character Folks. I have followed the Collapse and Reset news now for twenty years and I can say Tuesday was the biggest news day for the U S and the world! Church bells should be ringing all over the world and good free citizens should come outside waving handkerchiefs in celebration. It is time for all Americans to get into true character – that of free men now out of bondage!

Tuesday the Mexican Government put on public display three foot tall alien bodies preserved that were discovered around 2017 near a mine there. It had been there preserved in the mud for 1,000 years. This is conclusive proof that our true history has been involved by off earth beings.

This public display also proves that our governments have been controlled by elites for hundreds of years and they have intentionally blocked this information from us. They didn’t want to lose control over the world’s population by sharing our historical truth. The fact that little Mexico could step forward and tell the world this week speaks loudly that we are now free. Until this week, anyone who tried to reveal aliens put their family and themselves in peril of death. That is why our own astronauts never spoke publicly about moon landings being faked.

That Mexico now tells the world is proof that the Elite and the captured countries, like the U. S., no longer control the world. They are toothless and have lost their power. It is now time for the sheeple to wake up and get into true character – they were slaves being abused and now they are being freed. We all need to change our character and become freed inside of ourselves.

For all of you that have complained you can’t wake up your extended family about WWIII that has been waged on humanity the past years, now is the time to finally wake them up. We need to stop belly-aching about what they might do and take our freedom completely. Send them this Rant.

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