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Jim’s Daily Rant. Judge Merchan has A Private Retirement Plan. [With P.S.]

Yesterday Doug In Exile gave an excellent podcast Adam Schiff SILENCED By Judge Merchan Truth Made Public; Anti-Trump Bias. In it he showed that Judge Merchan, who is presiding over the Trump & Stormy Daniels case involving hush money payment to her, should have recused himself from the trial.

It appears that the Judge’s wife and daughter have a family business who’s plan is to get Trump. They have raised $4 Million from Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff and other key Democrats. It also appears that the family business gave $600,000 to Michael Cohen, the former attorney to Trump who handled the hush money payout. Now mind you, Cohen is now a convicted perjurer, is the only prosecution witness in the Trump case. Doesn’t this sound like a bribe, witness tampering or payoff?

My original question to myself when I saw the podcast was why would the Judge not recuse himself, knowing this is so obviously gravely begging to get himself disbarred? Why? How can he claim the appearance of just and fairness in his trial management knowing that his household is making $ Millions on a Trump Conviction?

Then I realized he really sold out. The family business is his private retirement plan. His daughter can run for a public office on the Trump conviction, move all the funds into her campaign and lose the election. Then all the continued donations become the Judges and the family's giant nest egg. He won’t have to practice law in the future.

Perhaps some attorneys and judges know the legal system is about to drastically collapse leaving many of them unemployed. I see them selling out their careers for big bucks. If we go back to Petit courts, attorneys will not be required. If the government devolves itself of many agencies, attorneys will not be needed.

But in the cases involving Trump, it is no longer fraud and violation of civil rights, it is deadly Treason.


P.S. Attached are 8 pages from Common Law Court Handbook, 2022 that gives a better glimpse for the future of attorneys.

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