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Jim’s Daily Rant. Jim’s Daily Rant. The Peoples’ Grand Juries Are Back In Order! PART II.

In this morning’s Rant The Peoples’ Grand Juries Are Back In Order!  We saw that DE Jure Grand Juries were serving notices to leaders that forced deadly VAX shots on the innocent citizens.

This news just came out: Published today in the medical peer-reviewed literature: The COVID vaccines should be stopped. This is another guarantee that served leaders that continue to endorse the Clot Shots will be committing suicide by doing so. Now the medical control complex has published the peer reviewed evidence that the VAX is deadly to humans and should be ended immediately.

Folks, we can now disregard the scary headlines about a more deadly pandemic coming to get us. No one in the U.S. that values their life will take the money to push it. They will resign and run if they are smart.

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