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Jim’s Daily Rant. Monkey Werx on 11/16/22

I watched Monkey Werx as he analyzed most U.S. Military flights on the 16th, the day after Trump’s speech. Now be aware that it was only U.S. Military flights. He did not mention any foreign military flights. This is what I gleamed.

He pointed out a great many military flights over the U.S., more than usual. He said the same about Apache helicopters.

He pointed out a large number of flights back and forth to Gitmo.

At about the 40 MM, he pointed out a large number of of “military operations ongoing across the U.S.

Towards the very end he pointed to Mar-a-Lago which at times has a military observation plane above it if Trump is there, If he is not there the plane leaves. The one there Wednesday is designated to be there always until May.

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