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Jim’s Daily Rant. It’s Time To Stop Paying Them To Kill Us and Our Families.

I totally agree with what Ben Fulford said yesterday in Benjamin Fulford Friday podcast 1/12/24 with Q&A. When he said it is time to stop paying the Bankers and rush up NESARA and the Military. We can't allow them to continue to kill us with poisons and torture and kill our kids. It is time for the people to defy them.

The banks have destroyed our economic system since 2007; what we see in the stock market is just Christmas tree lights flashing. The numbers published are all lies as there is no true fair market functioning anymore. It is all in collapse. We just need to push back on the Banksters a little to topple them forever.

It’s time we all stand firm and show “You Don’t Mess With My Family!”

Here is what I suggest.

1) Stop making payments on all debts to the banks except one paid down credit card for continued use.

2) Set aside the cash at home, don’t spend it.

3) The only exception to #2 above is to purchase U.S. Silver Eagle Dollars or Silver rounds.

4) After skipping the third monthly payments, consider paying off one or two months to prevent legal action by the banks. You must be over three months behind before they can sue you.

5) Avoid phone calls by sending them a registered letter demanding they stop phoning you. They must comply.

6) Realize that if a lot of Folks did this the banks will collapse the system. Look what German farmers are doing to their economy by just parking their trucks in the intersections. However, withholding bank payments is safer and still leaves you tending to your family.

7) Openly encourage others to do the same.


Now for the Big Questions:

A) What about my Credit Rating? When the banks collapse so too will the credit rating agencies. They are funded 100% by the lending institutions. When the close their records are gone.Besides, do you really think we can climb out of both a long-term recession/Depression and then a total financial collapse with a squeaky clean credit score? No, as everything will have changed. The records of old will be of no value for the future. Once NESARA activates the old credit system will no longer matter.

If the above doesn’t convince you, look around at those that suffered a divorce. No one crawling back from a divorce does so with a clean credit rating yet all that do recover and thrive again.

So if you think you need to save your all important credit rating realize you are risking the lives of your loved ones to save that which will die soon and go to alphabet heaven anyway - your precious credit rating.

B) What about Foreclosure? As stated before, at least 3 payments must be skipped before a

3 Day Demand letter can be mailed you, as required by law. That leads you into 4 months. Then decide if you want to pay a few of the skipped payments and begin the game all over again. If you choose to not make the back payments and play another round with them, then wait until you get a court summons. Then kick them in the balls by paying them!

Also realize that because we are in an undeclared depression, the courts are backed up for months. It may take the bank another 6 to 12 months to get a court date. So wait for the court date. The rest of the Eat-Em-Up certified letters you get are just to scare you into paying them. Without the court date they can't do anything.

Cash in some of those Silver Dollars you purchased for about $30 each. By then they should be worth from $600 to $3,000 each. This will be the result of the expected rocket ride in values as the banks can no longer stamp down their price illegally, because they are out of money. Take your new found wealth and pay them off, along with the late fees. But really, by then the banks should be out of business and NESARA has forgiven all bank debts.


It is now time for all good men to come to the aid of their country? Remember that line?

It is time Folks!

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