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Jim’s Daily Rant. It’s Time To Prepare For The Collapse By Watching Happy Movies.

Twenty years ago when I first got involved with the Collapse and Reset I knew instinctively that what we would experience would be more mentally demanding than physically demanding. I still believe that salient point.

We have been pounded with fear for many years now. Today the propaganda is overpowering our minds and souls. It appears that we are not allowed to focus our thoughts for long. And what is important to realize is that by focusing our thoughts we are able to create what we choose to create. Some of you may understand what I am saying yet others do not at this time. But just hang in there with me Folks.

I cannot say with certainty how much longer we need to hang on. But I can say with certainty that now is the time we should be getting our minds and soul vibrations right. We need calmness that comes with peace of mind.

So here is what I am going to suggest. Each of us needs to find 15 minutes a day to quieten our minds, to meditate, to just clear out any thought; to just let the mind relax. Both the mind and body needs this badly to defend itself from the constant pounding of the fear. Just relax it all for a few minutes.

Next turn off the constant news stations, shut off all the science fiction movies, murder, killing and disaster movies. Instead watch one daily movie that is uplifting, that is inspiring and reminds us of what we can create if we choose. Trust me, this is better for your soul than another zombie story.

I will suggest certain movies periodically. Most will be true stories or fact based. Most will be free on YouTube. Here is one I saw yesterday. I am not certain that it is fact based but is indeed inspiring. It is YouTube, Remember The Goal. It’s sequel is The Perfect Race, which I will watch this evening.

The top movie on your list should be True Spirit.

It can only be seen on Netflix. It is free to members but can be rented from them by non-members.

This is where humanity is heading! We just have to get back to focusing our thoughts. We all need to decompress, calm down and meditate a lot. We need to prepare to get our minds back.


Folks, I hope you take me seriously here. We are working towards our evolution, our finest achievement. We need to be prepared to do this. We need to learn to think and act differently as we climb out of our old systems and quickly assemble our new systems. We need the see our world as great possibilities as we go forward.


Your help is needed. If you intend to use this plan, please hit like for this Rant. Otherwise, I won’t wast my time searching for movies. In fact, send me your movie selections if you can.

Thanks. Jim

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