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Jim’s Daily Rant. It’s Overwhelming To My Pea Brain.

Allow me to try to do a match-up here, as the information is coming in too fast

for my little brain.

Yesterday Clif High said that between now and the end of December:

Our government will shut down;

The Breton Woods financial system will collapse, including the Swift money transfer system and the Bank International Settlement system (BIS). Israel will no longer be.

Yesterday Bix Weir said:

More Silver Dollars might not be produced over the next two months. Within a few days you will not be able to purchase any silver dollars in existence as the rocket price increase is about to start.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase bank, is under attack for involvement with Epstein and sex trafficking. JPMorgan has been the bank illegally suppressing the price of gold and silver and may have lost their control of it now. If JP Morgan collapses it will take down the entire global banking system.

This week SGAnon said he feels that by year end:

The UN, Ukraine, Poland and Israel will have collapsed.

The Breton Wood Financial system money exchange system, IMF and World Bank will collapse.

Difficult economic times for the rest of the world.

More False Flags in the U. S. and the world realizing we are in a global war.

Yesterday Bpearthwatch said:

There is a great probability that within ten days a major fault line will split Iceland and have a major impact on Europe, England and the Middle East, with a much lessor impact on the U. S. East coast.

The Kazarian Mafia will try to surrender this weekend.


Any one of these events alone could bring down the Financial system.

But what if the Iceland fault line shift happened along with the collapse of Jamie Dimon and the JP Morgan bank at the same time? Might that cause the derivative markets to collapse, taking down the Global Central Banking system, and thus causing governments to collapse as well?

Might this be a coup de grâce to the CABAL, stripping them of any will to fight on – a full death blow?

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