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Jim’s Daily Rant. It’s Over When You Get An “Up Yours”.

This morning the Patriot Nurse stated that we can not vote our way out of the mess that has been created. I think she was hinting at a civil war or uprising.

California’s Governor Newsom today named a replacement for Senator Feinstein’s U. S. Senate seat to represent California. See her qualifications below:

* She’s a she. * She is black.

* She Is wealthy.

* She’s a lesbian

* She is the president of a local Pro Abortion group.

* She lives in Maryland

This is who will represent California, a near bankrupt state that everyone is trying to exit from.

Also today U. S. Senator Lindsay Graham said that if the citizens want to close the border first they have to approve funding for Ukraine.

I don’t know about you but I have to agree with The Patriot Nurse. Total capitulation / riddance of our country’s leaders is what it is going to take to return to sanity. These leaders have no desire to represent the people.

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