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Jim’s Daily Rant. It Is A Fact That The People Are Now Learning What De Facto Means.

de facto adjective


especially : being such in effect though not formally recognized

a de facto state of war

Whatever it says on the calendar, Florida has de facto summer. —E. L. Konigsburg has become the movement's de facto spokesperson


: exercising power as if legally constituted

a de facto government

the de facto head of state


: resulting from economic or social factors rather than from laws or actions of the state

de facto segregation


. . . in the beginning, humans were tribal and nomadic and I am sure there is an Anthropology term for it, but they did as they damn well pleased.

Then warlord countries began to conquer and control land and people as kingdoms. Sometime between Zero AD and the Dark Ages, Christendom defined the ruling of peoples this way: Speaking for god, of course, Royalty and Kings have a Divine Right to Rule. But as it turned out, the Vatican has the divine Right to Anoint a new king. (That’s right buddy, me and you, all the way.)

Around 1066, the King of England got his Royal butt kicked by the people in the Battle of Hastings, and that began the end of the con of “Divine Right”. Oddly enough that date is probably the legal origin of the terms of De Jure and De Facto. De Jure means a thing is legal, whereas De Facto means it is another CON, but unrecognized yet by the people.

This past week several noted pod-castors have openly stated that certain governments are DE FACTO, that being Clif High, Ben Fulford and another I can’t recall. My guess is in the next few weeks it may become a common war cry “You’re just a De Facto government and have no power over us."

For those of us in a hurry and can’t memorize the long war cry, just remember it’s just another con! Most governments are all cons that originated from contracts on paper but over time morphed into individual cons. Therefore, they have no legal power over us.

Question: What percent of a government's representatives in power by cons must a government have before the entire government is declared a con?

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