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Jim’s Daily Rant. Issues With The Gaza Hospital Bombing.

There is only one issue that we need to resolve with the Gaza hospital bombing. That being who is responsible for it?

First lets dispel an accident. We are told by Israel that it was an accident from a Hamas pipe bomb. I am not buying that – it’s too simple and coincidental to buy. I have read that in past years Israel did bomb a Gaza hospital after they dropped leaflets advising people to go there as it is a safe haven. So Israel has a history of hospital bombing in Gaza.

In the current instance, we were told several days ago that Israel ordered the evacuation of the entire hospital that was just bombed. So again we saw it coming. Then there is the accidental rocket firing by Hamas. We are told their pipe rockets have little explosive capability, different from the hospital damage reflected there. Then there is the accident part, making it sound like I went to strike one match and set the entire box on fire. That is too convenient of an excuse, although slimly possible. So for me, it was no accident.

Secondly let’s isolate the innocents bystanders that day. That would be the 99% innocent Israeli residents and the innocent 99% residents of Gaza, and for that matter the 99% of residents of all countries. They had no active role in that bombing on that day.

Next let’s eliminate Hamas. We now see that they only have pipe rockets with little destructive value. The hospital was hit one time killing 500+ people. That was not from a pipe rocket. So now we must consider them upgrading to a Big’un. It’s doubtful that one like that, along with it’s delivery platform, could have been drug into Gaza undercover of the Israeli security system blockading the area. Now I admit it’s possible that Hamas rented a parking lot in a neighboring country, but I doubt it as that would require a vendor’s license and fire insurance, right?

So in my mind that now requires a large military to destroy the hospital. So who’s military was it? That could probably be about ten, counting the CIA and mercenaries, which doesn’t really lead us anywhere as there are too many possibilities. So perhaps we can pare that number down some.

To restate, that leaves the Israel military and it’s government and all the other possibilities. So let’s pare this too down some more:

== The Israel Military / Government and all other possibilities;

== The Israel Military / Government and the Cabal (controlling all other possibilities);

== Israel and the Cabal.

Now all we have to do is research and determine if we can reduce the main player here to just one leader: that being: == Israel leadership only or the Cabal.

I personally think after research it will probably be the Cabal. I just hope we all figure this out before the millions of residents of both Israel and Gaza are killed becoming living destroyed people.

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