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Jim’s Daily Rant. “Israel Is Mentioned In The Bible.”

Most of my adult life I have been a recovering Catholic. It’s not so much the religious beliefs as it is I lost trust in its leadership in the Vatican. I have felt that for centuries many in that organization were concerned more about power over the people than the true message of love. This is just my personal opinion after years of reading what I was told not to read and just observing history. So don’t let me offend you. As a young Catholic I was never pushed to read the bible so I haven’t. So perhaps I am only partly educated of this religious subject.

I have listened to Bo Polny many times and rejoice in what I hear but then leave still wondering what he said. I feel the same way about Tom Numbers when on with Simon Parkes or Charlie Ward. When I hear Bo or Tom say something like:

“There are 4 seasons and if we multiply that by 2, that being the Father and Son that walked through Jerusalem, we get 8. Then we divide that by 4, that being the major continents of the Bible lands, and we get 2, thus proving Jesus only had two sandals!”

I admit I am impressed by their talents and respect them for their beliefs, but at the same time, I walk away totally confused by their logic. I can't picture myself sitting in church hollering "Amen" to what was just said and seriously meaning it.

Yesterday a good friend told me “Israel is mentioned in the bible.” That ended the conversation and we changed subjects.

(As I typed the above paragraph I remembered a college class on writing. The professor said in our term papers that the words “god” and “bible” were always written as lower case. One older, strong willed, Jewish woman demanded “why not?”. The female professor just said “If god had intended them to be capitalized he would have capitalized them himself”. Thus she skillfully ended a religious debate.)

When I got up this morning I remembered the “Israel in the bible” remark. I respect my friend and his beliefs very much. But for the life of me I don’t understand vague remarks as the end of thought. I cannot use that remark on my news blog. I cannot risk having readers ending their thoughts on preparing their families for chaos and danger ahead. I cannot push the thought of “leaving it in god’s hands” and stop educating yourself about the controlled world you live in, even with some of it possibly created indirectly by religions. I feel we must all continue to do our part in all of this.

I respect but am confused by some of it.

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