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Jim’s Daily Rant. Is Making Homemade Gold Possible?

Dear Jim - Moxie !!! really !!!! [Making gold out of nothing?]

[This guy says we can make it for 50 cents per ounce!!??]



Jack, I assume you are asking because you sell gold and silver so allow me to answer from that angle only. I will not discuss the making of energy angle.

As a Scoutmaster, I had to learn a lot to keep ahead of the boys. Although I was never a hunter, I had to learn about tracking and trapping animals for survival. The first thing I learned as to think like the animal.

If a rabbit track is spotted look at the direction and look forward as to here he might be going. He he headed on a trail to get water? Jump ahead and search for the same track further up. You need not follow each and every track on the ground. This is a huge time saver.

So now I ask you, where is Ken Swartz of Purple Power going with this story? Is he heading to the water hole?

* Seeking Investors?

* Being paid to scare gold stackers to sell their inventory so the banks can buy it quick? Don’t forget they are in a short position from paper gold that must be paid out immediately to comply with Basil III regulations or be declared bankrupt, so it is being said.

* Is he seeking to sell his knowledge to a future start-up company for a high price up front?

* Is he a Silver Stacker wanting to immediately drive up Silver prices within a month by having gold bugs become silver bugs?

Is there Proof Of Product? No there is not. And no, I did not have to look it up in the Patent Office.Let’s do a mind experiment together, shall we. If you had the tried and true procedure to make it, would you apply for a patent? I doubt it because it would be classified by the Corporate Government as a NATIONAL SECURITY RISK. Later it would be manufacturrred without you, by the Deep State.

Swartz mentions that in the 60’s another group was working on such a procedure. What happened to them? Did they patent it? If the 60’s group handed the procedure off to the Deep State why the need for paper gold selling on the stock market?

If he really is Without Proof Of Product, he is dead in the water and no threat to gold stackers for many, many years. Without proof of product, he would be better off waiting to see if the Deep State dies, we return to a Republic and then apply for a patent that might not be classified and stolen.

Under the Republic, the patient may be required to be adjusted to leave a Tell-Tale similar that which is put in explosives to identify where they were sourced from, as required by the AFT for bomb investigations. This would allow gold to be produced for manufacturing / Industrial processes only.

If however, he does have Proof of Product without a patent, he is crazy and soon to be a dead man for publicly bragging.

Therefore, my conclusion is that Swartz is seeking investors only or wants to be bought out by the Deep State to shut up. Without Proof Of Product, he is dead in the water and no threat to gold stackers for many many years.


The isolation of the US Dollar and its future. Link

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