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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. In Regards To Israel, Could It Be?

Could It Be:

* On Wednesday, the world will find out that Israel is no longer. Their country charter has ended. They no longer have contracts and power over other countries.

* The world will then have to recognize what the Kazarian Mafia has been up to; that Israel was not a free Democratic country but rather a facade for the KM to operate from in controlling the world.

* That the residents of Israel had better openly embrace their neighbors in love and cooperation in restored Palestine.

* The world will loose remaining faith in Central Banks and the U. S. Dollar. The gig is up.

* CNN closed its first news studio, the one in Atlanta, and is now probably selling off the two locations (NY and DC) along with the physical remains of Atlanta. They too are dying on the vine and realize that their end is near.

* As SGAnon says today, when Israel dies so too will the U. S. Corporate government, freeing both us and the Israeli people.

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