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Jim’s Daily Rant. Imprimatur.

I will start with definitions of key words that we all must agree on.

I will start with the Latin word: Imprimatur

"Did you know?

Imprimatur means "let it be printed" in New Latin. It comes from Latin imprimere, meaning to "imprint" or "impress." In the 1600s, the word appeared in the front matter of books, accompanied by the name of an official authorizing the book's printing. In time, English speakers began using imprimatur in the general sense of "official approval.""

Did you also know that the “approving Source” was none other than the Catholic Church, the Vatican? Did you also know that “Earth shall be as it is in heaven”, which gives the Pope the authority to damn souls to hell who are still here on earth?

So don’t piss him off like William Tyndale did when he printed the bible in English.

"But what happened after his [Peter Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press] culture noticed that an invention had occurred that made Bible printing so easy? Some people speculated about printing the Bible in German, the primary language of the German people. Others speculated about even printing the Bible in English (of all things!). Now, from the point of view of Rome,that would be a bridge too far.

The Roman Catholic Church strongly deplored translating God’s glorious Bible, written in beautiful Latin, into such low and faulty languages as German and English.

The Roman Catholic Church did not kill Luther, who translated the New Testament into German in 1522, then the Pentateuchin 1523, and finally the whole Bible during the 1530s. But the Roman Catholic Church did execute William Tyndale, who translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into English and published it in 1526. In Antwerp, he was tied at the stake, strangled to death, and then burned to ashes." Source

I share this word “Imprimatur” with you because I too have been banned by the newest church, Google. Fifteen years ago I volunteered to work to help restore us back to the Republic. I was charged with bringing up DE Jure Grand Juries in 50% of all counties in Florida to accomplish the goal.

DE Jure (lawful) juries have not been held in the U. S. since our Civil War. There are no descriptions of them in law books because they go back hundreds of years before the law books were written – it was just common place practice.

I spent a few weeks doing research before writing two articles on them:

From month to month I would get phone calls about them, the most recent two months back. The articles are on the internet although our group website went down ten years ago.

I was going to use those articles in a Rant today but last night I discovered I am blocked from seeing them. It seems that Google now blocks all persons from seeing their still legal rights to convene a lawful Grand Jury, dating back to the Magna Carter. (1215)

I will discuss more later today.

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