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Jim’s Daily Rant. Important Announcements Today By Ben Fulford.

In today’s video podcast be Benjamin Fulford, he made two announcements you need to be aware of.

In the last two minutes, he said that Loyd Auston, the U.S. corporate Secretary of Defense, has been arrested by the White Hats. Accordingly, the major false flag planned for the U.S. in early March has been stopped.

The other announcement is for all those awake citizens in the U.S. and the Western countries need to help usher in NESARA and GESARA now rather than many months later.

We need to stop making all debt payments to end the Fiat currency and collapse the Banksters that use it to enslave us. This should be all payments to banks as well as to land lords. After GESARA is announced the government will give the rental house to the tenant and repay the landlord.

Personal Note From Jim: I agree with this beginning immediately. Withhold and set aside those payments. After four months you can always change your mind and make the late payments. Be aware that all courts are backed up for months now that we are in a depression. So time is on your side here.

If still nervous about the withheld payments, purchase Silver and hold it. A roughly $30 purchase for a silver Dollar will probably son be worth somewhere between $2,000 - $3,000 each. If the bank proceeds to repossess through the court, you have several months to make up those payments and late fees due them. This cab easily be done from your newfound wealth.

P..S. German farmers are taking down their government by parking trucks at major road crossings. We can take down the Banksters and our Corp government just by withholding our bank payments.

18 Minute Video

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