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Jim's Daily Rant. If You Form A Neighborhood Protection Plan. . .

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

If you form a Neighborhood Watch Group, be careful when you start it.

Plan it for a long-term disaster.

If not established correctly, the food owners in a community may be adopting all souls living there, as well as extended family that may later join them. This may sink your boat.


1). Guarantee and recognize all food stocks belonging to each household are under that households' control completely, forever. No one else has a right to their food.

2) All agree that when a family begins to run low on food stocks they will move to another house

near the outskirts of the neighborhood.

They will be supported in all manner except food.

That family must take the risks of shopping for their family.

3) If a family wishes to gift food, that is their decision only.

4) Agree that as families move to the outskirts,

other families can move into their homes during the survival period.

5) Therefore, as food runs low, the Preppers with food can consolidate their positions to be neighbored by other Preppers for more stringent protection for the Perppers, while still protecting their struggling neighbors.

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