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Jim’s Daily Rant. If I Were Trump Or The White Hats. I would. . .

On this Thursday morning, begin to pull the U.S. Financial System in such a way as to terrorize the population.

Then sit back and see if CNN has the honesty and nerve to ask the serious question of “What will you, President Biden, Do?”. If not, they will taint the entire debate with CNN as obviously covering for Biden.

At the same time CNN cannot fail to ask Biden the giant question yet ask it of Trump.

So, once again to repeat, if CNN fails to ask Biden the big question, all of the country will be asking “if Biden doesn’t save us who will?”

By the way, the big event Thursday may be the collapse of a few big banks, threatening to take out the Federal government.

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Unknown member
Jun 25

Hmmm, just in time for the upcoming 4th of July, and maybe a real 'Indepence Day'...

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