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Jim’s Daily Rant. Hyperinflation Protection By Requiring Payments Be Made In Silver Dollars.

Consider sharing this Rant with people in business.

When I studied hyperinflation it was from a book on the subject when hyperinflation hit South America. One survival strategy was for a business to require payments to them that were tied to the U. S. Dollar because the Dollar was not being impacted by hyperinflation at that time.

Accordingly, a payment to them could either be paid in Dollars or perhaps the local Peso but enough Pesos to purchase the Dollars required on payment date, whatever that future number turns out to be.

But now we are facing certain hyperinflation while the Dollar and all other paper fiat currencies are collapsing. So in today’s situation, tie your incoming payments to the U.S. Silver Dollar.

First let’s get the legal part over with. Interpretations of our Constitution tell us that if U. S. Legal Tender is refused for an existing debt, then the debt is automatically forgiven. This was decided so powerful persons could refuse the tender offered and hold out by forcing the payer to do something else more costly to liquidate the loan. This prevented strong-arming. Today legal tender is coins, including gold and silver coins, as well as Federal Reserve Notes.

I am suggesting rewriting your contracts and terms of transaction using something like the following:

“The ____ monthly payments shall be made in _____ U.S. Silver Dollars with a final balloon payment of ____ U.S. Silver Dollars. If payments are instead made in U. S. Federal Reserve Notes, it will be the number of Federal Reserve Dollars required to purchase the number of U.S. Silver Dollars due on that particular payment remittal date. On the date of this contract/transaction the current purchase price of a U.S. Silver Dollar at the time of this transaction is $______Dollars Per U.S. Silver Dollar. Thus to liquidate this debt, _____ U.S. Silver Dollars will be required, for the purchase value of Silver Dollars, in Federal Reserve Dollars, on the date payments are remitted.

All Silver Dollar pricing shall be the lowest advertised price for a single U.S. Silver Dollar as advertised by on the day of the transaction or the day the payment is remitted.”

Note 1: You may have to round down the last payment in Silver Dollars to keep the transaction in whole Silver Dollars.

Note 2: Do not use the terms “per ounce of silver”. That term is too vague and could be for jewelry or silver rounds.

Note 3: You can also tie the payment to the inflation rate as published by The problem is you have to pay about $150 per year to see their current information. But by doing it this way you remove part of the silver rocket ride increase because its price has been menipulated over many years. You can also remove the rocket ride increase by giving the customer a refund or amended payments that are more equitable. But you still control the purse strings.

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