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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Hunter’s Laptop Has All Of FTX Financial Records Hidden on It!

This has to be the truth at this point. How else can you explain why there are no accounting records of a multi-Billion Dollar company, along with about a hundred sister companies under it? How else can you explain how it financed Congressmen Millions of dollars without any oversight or SEC investigations? How else can someone appear to have run a Ponzi scheme to defraud hundreds of thousands of customers and investors through what appears to be fraud and yet remain out of jail or even being charged with a crime?

Now today I see that Maxine Waters will not have FTX kingpin Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) appear at the December 13th House Instigation on what happened to all the lost money from FTX. Then I saw the headline that perhaps she was embarrassed that the public is outraged SBF was not invited to the hearing. This evening a few moments ago I saw where she wants him there but without a subpoena like all others “invited” got . Doesn't anyone want answers?

Apparently they don’t because many journalists have interviewed SBF and failed to ask what happened to the money or any other real questions. Nothing to see here folks. But hold the presses – I now see that the Senate has just said if SBF doesn’t show at the House Hearing then the Senate will subpoena SBF to show up (someday) for a Senate Banking hearing.

Does the term “Potomac Two Step” mean anything to you? Both the Democrat politicians as well as some Republican politicians were bought off by FTX to perhaps aid and abet in the fraud and money laundering.

So therefore, I must conclude that all the financial records of FTX have been safely moved to Hunter Biden’s laptop, a laptop that in no way actually exists and has never been seen in this universe, where those financial records will never be seen by any human for the next 750 years due to National Security interests.

My calendar was marked a few months back when Clif High said that December 13th through the 15th would be high emotional days. He also prompted me to mark December 6th as well. It was highly emotional for me on the 6th because I learned that a third Air Force base inside of Russia had been bombed, pushing us closer to a nuclear war. Of course that escalated hoped for war is suspected to be what is needed to insure the Biden Laptop and government crimes are forgotten. So will Tuesday the 13th explode like an atom bomb because of SBF either shows up for the hearing and continues to say nothing, or doesn’t show up for it? Which will it be and how much more of this corruption will the American people take from our paid leaders?

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