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Jim’s Daily Rant. How To Control The Military During The Collapse And Reset?

Everything I was shown twenty years ago regarding the Collapse and Reset was fixated on the U.S. because that is where I live. I never imagined it would encompass most of the world.

The problem I later deduced was how to keep the military financed, intact and under control as we go through the chaos and start of it all? I knew they had to be financed as the government and financial system went down, otherwise they would go rogue. But how would they be financed in the short term?

Today I realized just how stupid I was. In this morning’s Judy Byington’s Restored Republic, she said:

“High Up Contact: The wheels are turning and the process is moving, but at a pace slower than a turtle. All the militaries throughout the world have their money because they have to keep any war from getting started. All 209 countries have signed a peace treaty and everything was ratified so in that respect, GESARA will happen. On Wed. 22 Feb. a small amount of monies will be paid out to certain people in Tier 3. In about two weeks, or around Wed. 1 March, substantial funds would be paid out.”

If she is wrong she sure made up a great story because I believe it!

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