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Jim’s Daily Rant. How To Coach Someone Having Cancer Treatment.

This Rant is about a free website I wrote several years ago on how to coach a loved one in cancer treatment.

My brother had brain cancer. I read a great book on how experienced people endured chemo-therapy. I was afraid most people would not have enough time to read it so I recapped it and put it on the dedicated website.

I never made the site public or did anything with it. I just saved the work in case I met someone who needed it. John passed three years ago.

Feel free to use it if you wish. I let the domain name expire so you will have to use its long name: The site was named after his paradise, his yacht After Hours.

Description: The site is my recap of this book:

Paperback / Kindle $13 / $7

She suggests that some one volunteer to be a coach for the patient.

She also suggests items to be inventoried and others to get as needed.

Note: At the end of the main pages there is a Print button for downloading a PDF, which is much easier than reading on a phone.

I hope no one needs this.

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