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Jim’s Daily Rant. How I see It Playing Out.

This is how I see the next 30 days playing out.

Facts and Assumptions:

1) The Kazarian Mafia has been around a thousand years and currently has infiltrated and now controls most major governments, including the U. S. and Israel.

2) They control three major countries who’s land is dear to them:

Their Office – Ukraine,

Their Money Maker – Taiwan, and

Their Home – Israel.

3) They are not Jewish but their own Rockefeller created Israel in 1947.

They have caused many countries to make it a crime to say anything negative about Jews, making them the perfect wolves in sheep’s clothing. For the normal residents in Israel to squeal is to possibly betray their old bible, which possibly says they are god’s chosen people.

4) The KM uses Taiwan as their primary money laundry operations.

5) I assume SGAnon is correct in saying that the Alliance has given the OK for China to bring Taiwan back into their control. They are now loading ships for the eminent ground war to do that.

6) I assume Clif High is correct in stating that the Big October event is not Israel, it is much bigger than the Twin Towers, and is something the world has never seen before.

7) BPEartwach is correct in stating that Russia is now in its biggest attack in Ukraine and will probably control that country within a few weeks.

My Predicted Activity:

The KM has now lost their office, Ukraine, and all of it’s business records to the world.

The KM will soon loose their home in Israel. The Alliance is allowing the KM’s move to capture all of the land there. Israel will succumb to a multi-prong assault and dismantle its controlling government and then proceed to eliminate the KM from their midst, ending the Mossad and their use of the Israeli military.

The KM will then lose their money maker, Taiwan.

This series of three major losses will cause the Central Banks to collapse globally as the Derivative market devours them.

To me the collapse of all the world’s Central Banks, within a week of when thy first start to fall, will stop the flow of money around the world. It will look like the scene in the old movie, The Day The World Stood Still (1951), when all electric power stopped. For us, commerce will grind to a near standstill for a few months because there will be no credit or the usual means to transfer money.

Again, Clif predicts this event to begin between Oct. 28 and Nov 4th of 2023.

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