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Jim’s Daily Rant. HCF

Forgive me because this is a partial repeat but one that is necessary to propel our thought processes.

The first basic computer language was Assembler and it is still the root in all computer languages today. It was written by young Ada Lovelace, the genius daughter of a wealthy British lord. In the mid 1800s she imagined a world with a computer machine being created to help us think. She then went on to write Assembler language for the future machine to be communicated with and controlled.

It works like we do after a New Years Eve bash. On the morning of the first we awaken in slow motion not quite knowing who or what we are. Our first awake instant we have to remind ourself who we are. I personally use this mantra “My name is Jim and I used to be slim.” Then my finger moves and I remember I have two hands, then two legs and feet. Then I remember I made an ass out of myself and now need to get up and check on the kids.

That is what Assembler does. The electronic brain awakens upon power-up, not knowing. Then it discovers it has a monitor, keyboard, printer and two memory drives. Then it reads the first command from your program, performs that task, then executes the next command, and so on until it reads the command “End”.

Ada Lovelace imagined the machine would only be able to read three characters at a time, defined as a “Bit” or “Byte”. So her language was restricted to three characters at a time. I am rusty on Assembler but I suggest the command for the printer to activate is “PRN”. So if you are working with a file and the command reads a line “PRN” it will print that file.

When we began working with digital computers in the 50s through the 70s, a new command of HCF was added. The English term for it is “Halt or Catch Fire”. Electrical Engineers would receive a computer kit to be assembled. Once assembled they had to keep typing in commands over and over to test their wiring skills before shipping out the new computer. They hated the boring testing or "Burn In' part, so they created the HCF command to type in the same commands to test that new printer to print the same three lines repeatedly as fast as it could. This was to try to overheat any loose connection until a short or fire occurred. The computer would loop this until the printer crashed or the system encountered the command HLT (halt).


Today an unauthorized Elite group has issued an HCF command to destroy our societies and systems. Their intent is to destroy us and they will not stop until completed.

Only we can Halt it. To do so we must muster all of our thoughts to do this and share those thoughts with others to awaken them too. This will then lead to HALT actions. But most importantly the thoughts prepare us to re-awaken and to re-create all that has been destroyed. We must crawl out of the trash heap knowing we have this task to complete. There is no going back.

Perhaps we can make a slight adjustment to the torched printer or maybe we need to experiment with a new type of printer. As a side note, you should have seen my erection when I fired up my first line printer that printed an entire line instead of one character at a time. I embarrassed myself so later I never got an invitation to see the new, one pop, page printer in action! They didn’t want to upset the cleaning staff.

But this is the journey we are on Folks. We don’t see credit for ourselves as we follow the Alternative News, but we are preparing our minds and neighbors for the re-creation period, the survival mode until we have a functioning book printer.

Full speed ahead!

My Girlie Pinup - Ada:

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John Duggan
John Duggan
09 déc. 2023

Nice essay! We thank you!

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