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Jim’s Daily Rant. Having Money Problems? Take Heart.

This is how you may want to play it.

Listen to the Clif High interview today , watching (in regards to this Rantl) the 3 minutes or so beginning at 16 MM.

Recapped (for another person):

His prediction on hyperinflation aligns with my studies on it. It is a social thing; happens when savvy people sneak out on payday and purchase in massive quantities to save money value.

Clif points out that it is all over in 6 months.

My research indicates if you wait 2 months to implement a plan your business may be out of business.

You may want to send out link to my page in your next news letter.

Clif again says hyperinflation will begin in the US in November.

What is different this time is 80% of the people are becoming savvy before it hits, so the social thing may be immediate.

Readers: Know that:

If a bank Mortgage Forecloses on your home (legal process that takes many many months in this time period); They cannot sell the home until they have held the title for a year because the owner has 12 months to return after court to payoff past due amounts. Therefore, you may slow down or stop payments next month.


[This is the law in Florida. Check the law in your state first however.] If you are a silver stacker, the silver will shoot up during hyperinflation so you can still payoff later in inflated watered down dollars.

My guess is the courts will be so jammed up it may take a year or so for adjudicated repossession to occur.

If the insurance is paid in the mortgage payment it must be kept up by the mortgage servicer, not you.

Again, if the good guys win, the banks are all bankrupt, your mortgage cannot be collected on because it was created under bank fraud and all will just be forgiven as the investment bond holding your mortgage will collapse and will have no legal standing in court. The house will be yours free and clear.

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