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Jim's Daily Rant. Group Survival By Non-Attrition.

Most battles are a battle of attrition, trying to reduce the number of troops on the other side to the point they can no longer hold the land they occupy. The battle is reduced to a math equation where the winner usually has a larger number on his side of the equals sign.

This is a sad commentary on our reliance on math. The question should be is it possible to win a battle without this math equation? Yes it is, but it’s not considered the manly way to fight. Take for instance blocking one army from getting to the battlefield on time. Five men with axes blocking the roadway are never revered like the men that stood shoulder to shoulder firing at the enemy doing the same, are they?

But what if the goal of a battle was to survive it and blossom after it, to transcend it in peace and intact?

I hope that is what our survival group will do. First we will survive it by avoiding attack and not exposing ourselves to harm in order to inflict harm on others. If this is possible, we all live past the battle in both perfect physical and mental condition. Gone is the possibility of being a half person or soulless one for the rest of your life. We have a chance to do this by remaining secluded.

But Jim, isn’t this the cowardly way? Perhaps to some. But not if the goal is to survive and give back to the community by quickly rushing in to heal it and even help it thrive better than it was before. What if your community used that calm time to train its members to be the healers the community will need after the war?

It was thought we would invest in corn seeds just to keep the members working to control them and keep them occupied. But the thought occurred to give them the option of farming or attending schools already designed to train some to rebuild their community in a new evolved world I hope we will have after the chaos.

This is what I hope our group succeeds in doing during our time of chaos. I hope we create for all rather than destroy some simply because they aren't us.

These are two websites I have ready to do this with. Perhaps you might consider doing do the same.

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