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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Getting Quiet Out There.

It seems Like DABHOO77 has only posted about a dozen times the lat three months.

BPEartwatch has only been posting weather the past few weeks.

Economic Ninja has gone silent the past month.

Bill Still is very slow on new stories now. Last week he said their income has been cut off by 90%. I believe he is referring to YouTube.

Most of the financial wizards have all but disappeared. At first I thought they were tired of sounding the crash horn. Then I felt like there is so much fraud in the financial and economic system all theories of what will come next are wrong – there is no open market any more.

Therefore, it appears the Alternative News Media is being straved out or wearing down the true podcastors. Your thoughts?

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Jan 22

Did Charles abdicate the throne?? We need to end the british commonwealth!


Jan 22

There's so much going on it's crazy..

Justin castro just gave the entire north of Canada to Nunavut!

He's breaking up the country! We need to declare the Republic of western Canada.

Here, we will need to cut off all funding to Ottawa, and try to resume oil business with the US after Trump is back in.


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