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Jim’s Daily Rant. Gett’n Off The Ride; It’s Coming.

For a short time I was both Mom and Dad. My 12 year old daughter talked me into dropping her off at the county fair Saturday morning. She was to meet her girlfriend at the front gate and was to call me if something went wrong. It did, her friend didn’t show.

I picked her up but decided to stay so she could have fun for the day. I hate fairs. Worse than fairs I hate roller coaster rides. They scare the hell outta me. After about an hour she insisted on a ride. I had to buy a ticked and go with her. I stood in that long agonizing line for ten minutes when I saw Jeannette light up on seeing her friend. Being the gentleman I am, I immediately gave her my ticket. Yep, giving is better than receiving.

Our big ride together will be all downhill in a week or so. Accordingly I am slowing down in my postings as the news speeds up. I prefer that you spend quality time with family, remain calm, sandbag sleep and eat your daily Vitamin D3 (10,000 IU).

Only a few news stories will count: Ukraine, the Election being held, the banking system, the Military and possibly the Supreme Court. Nothing else will be of importance. I do not see a nuclear war.

I had planned to converse with my wife about all of our financial plannings for the period Clif High calls “The Big Ugly”. But when we were to discuss it I reminded her of the Movie Runway 34 that we had seen last week. It is a true account of a pilot that was forced to land his passenger flight at a closed airport during a cyclone. I said it was useless to walk through our plan because just like the pilot, winds will blow this way and then that way, amplifying our emotions. One day may be terrifying news and the next great news, only to be followed by a new scary realization of change. So we didn’t discuss the financials one last time. We will just ride it out together knowing the final outcome.

So please just enjoy the quiet while you can. I will recap more in Rants so you won’t need to watch hours of videos.

I just realized that when we get on the back side I will have to tell you about when I was both Mom and Dad and my daughter had her first period. Now talk about scaring the hell out of me!

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