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Jim’s Daily Rant. German Tanks – No Way, No How.

Yesterday, per BPEarthwatch, Russia showed the world that the U.S. maintains 60 bio-warfare plants in Ukraine. They also indicate the plants are being used to release, past and in the future, bio-warfare into countries around the world.

It goes without saying that all of this is against the Nuremberg code. For young people just loosely familiar with it, it was the result of the Nuremberg trials, held in Germany in 1947, in which German war leaders and operatives were tried by a world convened court, for crimes against humanity. Some of those crimes were forced medication and medical experiments on people against their knowledge or consent.

Those trials were a shock and national disgrace to most German citizens who had no idea their leaders were doing this.

Now I ask you. If Germany sends in their 31 Abram tanks into Ukraine so the United States, who led the Nuremberg trials, can cover up their Nuremberg code violations, how will the German citizens react? My guess is they will destroy the German government for fooling them again by aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, on their own, probably for personal gain.

I don’t think the German government would survive this. I don’t think the German government will send in those tanks with the entire world watching.

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