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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. General Thoughts By A Non-General On A General’s Plan To Activate The Military.

Knowing that I have no military background, if I were the General, I would activate this way:

Beginning Assumptions:

The Military is now staging in the U.S., they are under Trump’s direction and working the final plan of the White Hats;

Most of the deployments are Marines;

They are now in half the states as small strike units.

We don’t know if more troops were prestaged, but assuming not.

When the military strikes, banks may be closed. This will keep people off the streets and away from harm.

First Purchase My Ticket:

This can be achieved by high recognition arrests. This would involve persons like Obama, who have security details. It would require three armored vehicles approaching their location with ground raiders. If a request that their security team exits is unsuccessful, a chopper will make areal assaults in passes to prod exits.

This might be accomplished for many big fish within a few days. As this is published, the citizens will be more receptive for the second phase.

Second Phase – Control Positive and Negative Assets:

Secure primary grid facilities and assets.

Round up known major drug operations, gangs, mafia leaders, traffickers and other physical threats to the Military. If necessary, summary execute some.

Third Phase – Own the Streets:

Call in more ground troops.

Close the borders.

Clear the streets of the homeless. Move them all to FEMA camps and triage them. (mental, addicts, poverty, illegal aliens). By now the thugs will have fled so the remaining should willingly get on a bus. The mental and poverty can be assisted by social programs.

Addicts can be freely treated. This drug program will be mostly successful as there will only be alcohol available when they leave.

Fourth Phase --- Cure Biggest Problems.

End all drug and human trafficking in the U.S.

End the VAX and offer antidotes.

Begin all other plans to recover the Republic and economy.

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