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Jim’s Daily Rant. Gen. Andrew Jackson’s Mistake.

In 1814 Gen. Andrew Jackson defended New Orleans using mainly impromptu Militia. He brilliantly defeated the military power of the world, the British. His defensive campaign was perfect except for one fact, the war was over. Thus is the cloud of war; confusion as to what is real and unreal.

This morning I saw Bill Still's report The 4 Stages of Subverting America. It was excellent as is most of his work. But Still is also caught up in the cloud of war. In my opinion, he reported on what was, not what is. Allow me to explain.

Russia and the U. S. have been in a war for a great many years. That has always been the way of mankind and governments, to always be at war with each other. Perhaps this is warranted out of fear, perhaps out of control of nation state citizens or even just out of stupidity as we don’t know of any other way to live.

But now in 2023 I believe humanity if evolving into a higher species, one that now is learning of a different way to live – in the absence of fear and war. I believe the major countries of the West and many other countries on the planet are coalescing into a new era of cooperation absent fear and debilitating warfare and destruction of our species. I hope we are finally coming to know the definition of peace.

So like Jackson, Still was correct in what was but at that time was unaware of what has become. We have been at war with Russia but it is over. It is time for us to heal ourselves.

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John Duggan
John Duggan
15. Apr. 2023

I hope you're right. You don't know how much!

Gefällt mir
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