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Jim’s Daily Rant. Funniest Joke I Ever Heard. [With P. S.]

Sorry I have not been posting the last few days – Guess I am in shell shock from the slow release from the SCOTUS. But I am certain I read they said four rulings would be released “on Monday”. Only the two were released dealing with Presidential Immunity and Supreme Court Punts On Florida & Texas Social Media Laws, Sends Cases Back To Lower Courts.

Since then its just been silence. If I don’t hear something major like the Brunson Brothers case being held so long in the SCOTUS by tomorrow, I may strangle myself!

As a psychic, I can, but very seldom do, I asked what is going to happen? I rarely do this because I feel it is rude to ask. So a half hour ago I went into the mediative state to assure myself I can continue to live. When I woke up this is what I got as an answer, a puchline from a joke. Forgive me as it is a long answer but it was the message I got. I don’t know how to translate it.

When my son Jimmy was 17, he received a broken back as a passenger in an automobile accident. He was first received at a small rural hospital and the next day we had him moved to the big city one. There the doctor said they had to wait a few days for the swelling to go down before they could assess the damage. They were fearful he could possibly end up as a paraplegic.

In order to keep him perfectly still they refused to give him any pain medication. That would insure he did not try to move. The night of the second day in the city hospital I stopped on the way home to see him. He was exhausted and now scared of becoming paralyzed. He was depressed.

I had spent my entire life at that point searching for the world’s funniest joke. So I decided to tell him my best. When I finished he started laughing and shaking the bed, he hollered in pain. He then laughed again and hollered. He couldn’t stop saying the punch-line and couldn't stop laughing. I realized as long as I was there he would continue to laugh so I left apologizing to him. I cried on the drive home.

At 6 AM the next morning I went to see him before work. Walking down the hall I recognized his nurse so I asked if the doctor has done anything yet and how was Jimmy doing? She said no medical change yet. She continued that he was in a lot of pain that night, but in spite of it all, he managed to tell his little dirty joke to every nurse on two shifts!

This is it. An elderly couple went into a swanky hotel on Miami Beach. When the desk clerk asked he he could help them the old guy asked if they had any rooms available. The clerk said “yes”. The man’s old wife hollered “What did he say?” The old guy hollered “He says they have a room”.

The gent asked what the room rates were. The clerk said $185 per night”. The old wife said ”What did he say” The old guy hollered back “It’s $200 bucks a night.” He decided to stay and the Clerk was taking their information. The Clerk casually asked where they were from. The old guy said “We are from New York.”

The Clerk stopped writing and with a shitty grin on his face said “I was in New York once . . . worst piece of ass in my life.” The wife hollered “What did he say”. He hollered back “He thinks he knows you!’


When I started writing this I thought I was told to just be happy for now. But it just hit me that my wife and I saw two of the Brunson Brothers do a street performance of their trumpet act in the French Quarter in New Orleans 25 years ago.

P.S. My translation is I can't say when the announcement will be coming out but it will.

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John Duggan
John Duggan

In "Moonstruck" in the last scene and climax of the movie, the old Grandpa commented "Somebody tell a joke." His comment broke the tension. We need more jokes now. Thanks! La Familia!

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