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Jim’s Daily Rant. From Hammock To The Shrinks' Waiting Room.

I keep a hammock rolled up in my home office. I occasionally hook it up behind my desk to get in a good meditation. I did so yesterday knowing I would probably have dreams last night. I did and it was the most unusual and detailed dream I have had in a long time.

A young Shrink was hired directly from school. I saw him completing his employment papers, being introduced to the staff then told it would be a while before his office would be ready and in the meantime to sit in the patient waiting area.

I saw him observing the patients. I saw him reading their interview files after he watched the film of their meetings with a doctor. I assumed he was to be learning their ways. However this went on for several weeks; still no office. I then saw him in the waiting room in unusual dress: A woman, elderly man, young man holding a child doll etc. Then I saw him being interviewed by each of the shrinks, posed as different people.

It seemed like months went on like this. I saw the Shrinks lunching together excitedly discussing the Newby’s character interviews, sharing ideas on his “problems” they were trying to diagnose. They were all excited and stumped at the same time. I saw one Shrink inviting the Newby to an office get together and he was told to check with his supervisor for further information. He had to ask who his supervisor was.

At the end of the movie I finally understood it all. The Newby was to be in the patient area for a week to learn their ways. But he observed and learned from each patient and assumed their lifestyle in his mind. He kinda became them. He dressed like them, ate the same foods he thought they ate, assumed their problems, jobs, concerns and worries. He then added a new ingredient and booked appointments for his new characters.

The Shrinks were stumped because he never fit any of their pre-learned maladys. Newby stumped them as they dug deeper into him. Instead of Newby learning the shrinks were learning and they knew it, so they left him in the waiting room for several months until they made a breakthrough.

At the end I understood the dream. Newby took the new personas he had learned and fast forwarded them into the three months of hell we are about to experience. I assume I was watching the Sheeple as well as the Shrinks deal with this calamity not yet in the Shrink books. It was sad seeing all of the people suffering and thrashing around for relief. It was all so sad.

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