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Jim’s Daily Rant. Friday Night’s Dream and Dick Allgire’s Remote Viewers.

As an intuitive, I have the privilege of asking questions and receiving an answer that night during the dream time. I probably ask one question about every three years as I am not comfortable in asking. I feel like the universe/god/ether automatically gives me the information I need and to ask is rude.

But in this case, I just had to kill a cat so I asked “What will happen in October?”

I received two answers. The first was hearing a simple statement that we will receive a short explanation of our hidden history.

The second was the attached photo of Dwight Eisenhower, the Allied Commander-In-Chief in WWII, cheering on paratroopers about to begin the assault for the Normandy D-Day battle. Their jump would occur at 1:00 AM during that night. When I saw that image I wondered if it meant the next day or beginning in October.

Could Dick Allgire’s possible explanation of his remote viewing of a city being bombed or destroyed in some way, and seeing people trying to flee the area but cannot get out, be an attack on the Gaza strip by Israel? Don’t forget that three of his five-man crew said they saw something similar. Link

Also be aware that “for years those Gaza residents cannot escape their prison”, [as they are walled in] as said by Max Igan today (first 5 minutes).

P. S. Sorry but I am so uncomfortable about asking that I only told my wife the next morning.

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