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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Fraud Vitiates (unravels) Everything.

If the 2020 vote is nullified what kind of a legal mess does that leave us with?

If 2/3rds of Congress is there illegally now, as they were never actually voted in, what happens to all they voted on in Congress?

Was there actually a quorum in a meeting for them to conduct business? Doesn’t this leave us with three years of massive legal entanglements to have to go through?

In my mind these issues are mute and need not be dealt with at all as it no longer matters. If you believe the Corporate United States Government is bankrupt then how the last few votes went no longer matter. It’s over.

Therefore what will probably happen is we will go back to the Republic Of The United States Of America before it was suspended in 1871. All that occurred after the 2020 election no longer matters as the Corporate government is bankrupt and can no longer be sued. They are out of business. Period. All that happened from 1871 up to the 2020 election period (January to be exact) stays the same as the Corporate Government was a De Facto Government accepted by all.

We now start out simply with the train on the right track with just a view of looking forward!

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