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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Flight Tickets - Now A War Season Switch And Bait.

For all the Normies and even the Awakened, but now sure we are we are in the covert war in the U. S., this will be a most awakening week ahead.

All those waiting in, or soon to be, waiting in an airport terminal while holding a ticket are going to get a most rude awakening. It appears that the airline industry oversold tickets for July 4th holidays and now travelers will be trapped in those airports. So what is causing all these delays and flight cancellations?

So far no excuses have been tendered. I guess that this is because the Main Street News still refuses to acknowledge that about 30% of the workforce Is dead or ill from the Plandemic. This equates to a 30% drop in flight crews to keep pace with he normal flights backing up to the coming holiday rush.

Well Normies, welcome to the Covert War now appearing in your hometown!

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