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Jim’s Daily Rant. Fish-bones. The Third Time Is A Charm.

A tool used by project managers is a Fish-bone Chart. It is a horizontal fish bone with labels of tasks attached to the bones. Thy are in the order of needed completion dates. Under the name is the start date and completion date.

The chart then is converted to a calendar with all milestone dates for each process progress date penciled in. Now each week the manager sees what needs to be attended to.


Let’s create a mind Fish-bone Chart together. During the American Revolution, Gen. Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox), was ordered to capture a fort in South Carolina. He and his 25 Militia, minus cannons, went to the fort. It was surrounded by a log stockade and had numerous cannons manned by a much larger force.

They planned to cut logs out of view, drag and conceal them near the fort during night cover, wait for a moonless night, construct a tower of logs and rope next to the fort but taller than the walls, and attack the next morning. The project took many days. The fort was captured within minutes as the unsuspecting defenders were all trapped in their huts. No American was killed.

Got your Fish-bone and calendar prepared?


Yesterday great news was published with this headline: Trump Immunity Denied By DC Appeals Court In Election Case. This was the second case heard. The next appeal will be for an emergency hearing by the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe they too will rule against Trump.

I still believe we are witnessing a long-term Fish-bone plan of the Navy Intelligence playing out like a theater. After the last Court of Appeal rules against Trump, an overt attack on the Deep State will immediately begin

I see the attack as a televised hearing or deposition of the three other prior presidents, now without Presidential Immunity as well, that being Clinton, Bush and Obama. I also believe they will tell all in order to save themselves in some way as well as their families future. This will definitely awaken more sheeple.


My question to you is this. Is the SCOTUS compromised and crooked, or following the Navy’s Fish-bone? Are they attacking Trump to stay alive and in the graces of the Deep State, just to betray them at the right moment when it’s too late for them to be killed?

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1 Comment

John Duggan
John Duggan
Feb 07

Whatever happens to Trump will be a clear message to the rest of us. Is our justice system completely compromised? My opinion is yes. Of equal concern are the Jan 6 "conspirators". Will they be kept in prison for daring to enter the cesspool we call the Senate? Will Nancy and Chuck be able to drive our country into the gulag of communism? Will the medical establishment escape deserved punishment for the Covid vax murders in the name of Gates' population control? You first Bill.

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