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Jim’s Daily Rant. Final Thoughts On Hyperinflation Rate Threshold.

The official Hyperinflation Rate of 50% per month is the one the bankers want us to have. When it occurs your business is trapped and will soon be out of business.

In my previous Rant I indicated I was following the guidance of an economist that around 1989 did a study on hyperinflation occurring in South America. His study was designed to help American businesses with holdings in South America to know when those businesses would get into trouble. He never considered deadly hyperinflation in the United States.

But hyperinflation is hyperinflation. My personal opinion is to use the following for your early alarm threshold:

1) Learn to monitor the Monthly Rate for yourself; never rely on government figures as they will always be lies.

Pick a basket of specific products and test them each month to deduce the rate. Then compare that rate with some of the Alternative Media rate experts.

2) Develop your personal as well as business protection plan now. Just mull over it after it's on paper. Keep it in mind.

3) Recognize that a deadly hyperinflation is being created on us now. It is a certainty.

4) I suggest setting your action threshold to be 10% inflation per month. This equates to 300% annually if it remains 10% per month, which it won’t.

Recognize that the rate is always shooting higher each month exponentially. It is never constant. Because it is now becoming psychological, you cannot predict its speed!

Don't get trapped. Implement your action plan.

In building a business plan see my free outline of the author's book. Link

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