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Jim’s Daily Rant. Fiduciaries and Hired Guards.

The histories of all militaries has been that volunteers can be summarily executed for not doing their expected duties. I understand it as a morale booster for the troops as a whole, but it is difficult knowing a volunteer was executed for succumbing to fear of his life in front of others, when all the others surely had those same reactions at times, although unseen or unreported. But I admit this is a gray area perhaps.

But today I see no gray, just anger and the need for revenge. Of course I am talking about the newly released Jan 6th video footage. Again, I am seeing cowardice in the line of duty except it is in reverse. Amazingly, all the troops ran in fear leaving a dozen remaining on duty, and when the General arrives, the troops said the dozen broke away and ran to the rear that away! Execute them!

If I built up a huge successful business and later in life was struck with severe permanent medical problems, I would hire a new CEO to act as a fiduciary and guard over the business. I would pay this person handsomely for the responsibility, as I am trusting him with a big part of my life.

Now suppose he was cooking the books, using my money to pay others on his staff to assist him, and was causing the downfall of my business while he was stealing big company assets from me. Ill or not ill, I would pay all I had to prosecute him for the corruption and intended ill-will attack on my trust in him. In fact, if I could have him executed for it I might consider it.

What I feel today is the Tucker Carlson exposing of the Jan 6th tapes may be the downfall of a great many politicians in the U. S. because of the blatant in-your-face attitude the vile Jan 6th Commission had for Americans as they pigged out in their corruption while putting on a multi-million dollar charade for us peons. It shows us what they are capable of in all public offices.

Part of this is our own fault as well. When humanity rebelled and broke away from the “Divine Right of Kings” to lord over us, perhaps humanity wasn’t strong enough to continue to grow and mature in managing our own affairs. But I certainly believe we are getting there very fast now.

In my opinion, these vile people need to pay with their lives much more than an 18 year old terrified for his life while fighting for something he isn't sure of.

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John Duggan
John Duggan

After watching the picnic in the Senate chamber, something akin (but not as rowdy) to the public parties Andrew Jackson threw after his elections, I was convinced there was nothing violent about it. People or should I say CITIZENS made an informal tour of their property and then left. The only problem is when a black DC cop plugged a female white veteran when she opened an unlocked door. Of course it was declared a necessity that he kill her. Obviously she was a danger to the Senators who had absconded to safe rooms and were jittering their way to planning this judicial fiasco. The Senators and Reps (especially Nan P) should be punished, but what we do to th…


John, I do not think Babbitt was killed. This paper analyzes all the absurdities of that day. And, the author links to this video of the 'shooting', and shows that she was in fact not shot: Ashli Babbit ALIVE and WELL The FALSE FLAG Shooting (

I think the Q scenario -- that this is all a movie to wake up Normies -- is playing out. I think Normies are being shown the evilness and lies of those in power, things that we here already know. And, as part of the 'movie,' no one is dying in any of these fake events.

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