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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Federal Reserve And All Central Banks Are Now Under Attack.

With the news of State Banks not being under control of the Federal Banks, it appears that the hope of the Big Banks to gobble up the Regional Banks (through Fed Reserve force) is no longer possible.

The the fact that the Petro-Dollar for Protection 50 year contract between Saudi Arabia and the U. S. expires on Sunday, and knowing that Saudi Arabia contracted two months ago with Russia for protection is a bad omen.

The other day I read where only 11 states have laws recognizing gold and silver to be money and tax free. But the good news is the remaining states can quickly copy one of those laws and pass it. This means big money will race to Regional State Banks, as they are the future of U.S. Banking.

This also exposes the failing of the Petro-Dollar and the Fed Reserves Ponzi Schemes, meaning they will have to LIE (lay) in their own bed of shit. This places all other Central Banks in Harm’s way as well, as they implode.

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